Goal Achievement  |  Time Management  |  Prioritization  
Life Management  |  Stress Reduction

What People are Saying:

“Sarah is amazing!” | “A unique approach to life prioritization.” | “Totally worth my time.”

“Your talk was the single most impactful thing I experienced last year.”
Laura Hawley, owner of Ambiance Design

“This workshop will save me 3 hours this week, next week, and every week after that!”
Connie Kreuzer, eBay entrepreneur

“The perspective that this exercise has afforded me is something I could not have accomplished on my own.  I was able to parse out all the different pieces of my work and personal life and come up with an action plan for how to alleviate some of the stress that I feel daily.”
Heather Gibson, owner of Sentry Arts

“I invested three hours of my time and came away with very concrete things that I can do right away that will have an impact immediately on moving myself forward.”
Deborah Nye, real estate agent and investor

”This was a reaffirmation of where I’m going, which I wouldn’t ever have had otherwise.”
Janet Crawford, owner, My Sister’s Choice

“The workshop helps you examine how you spend your time and how you live your life. 
It was helpful to process with a small group, along with one-on-one coaching.”
Mary McCullough, Associate Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

“The workshop is highly structured, and yet entirely personal.  It’s like a performance review,
but for your own benefit.  And you’re always going to get a raise!”
Frank Innes, Paralegal

 Are you stuck?

Does your dream seem just out of reach?

Are you wondering how you can grow, when you’re working flat out?

Grow Your ZING!

A workshop for people who are bursting with ideas, and no time to bring them to fruition.

Come learn a new way to think about your time,
what you excel at, and
what will help you reach your goals